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mystery shopping services

Comprehensive Mystery Shopping Services

Imyst offers a wide array of mystery shopping services tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. To produce optimal results, Imyst uses an extensive internal grading program for our mystery shoppers, so that the client receives responses from only the most qualified evaluators in our database. Our standard secret shopping program is described below in detail. Imyst invites you to read over the following program, which we feel will significantly increase your business' productivity. If you have something else in mind, please feel free to contact us to further discuss how Imyst can meet your mystery shopping needs.

Synopsis Of Our Standard Mystery Shopping Program

Our standard mystery shopping program offers the client the ability to first create a unique set of questions for our shoppers, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the program. By working with us to create a distinct set of questions and tasks for our shoppers, we are able to create a program that focuses on areas of importance to the client. The Imyst mystery shoppers are then carefully instructed as to the client specific assignment, and the questions they will be required to answer. In addition, the same questionnaire that is to be completed on our website after the shoppers finish their visit, is e-mailed to the evaluators for reference. Our carefully screened evaluators, after being instructed, then anonymously complete their assignment and inspect the clientís location. After leaving, the evaluators then visit the Imyst website and submit their answers to the pre-determined questionnaire. The data is then used by our statisticians to compose a client-specific report at every location the client demands. From these comprehensive reports the client is able to determine in what areas they are meeting their customers' needs, and in what areas they need additional improvement. Further, each location can be compared to past performance, other client locations, and even intra-industry standards. All reports are submitted in a complete, and punctual manner, such that the client's demands are always met. This program offers clients the ability to understand how their employees interact with customers, and how their stores appear to our objective shoppers.

We Tailor To The Client's Demands

Ultimately a secret shopping program can be created to meet the needs of any client, and this program is only the standard service that we offer. We feel that this program provides and ideal means for clients to better understand how they meet, and fail to meet, the needs of their customers. Through this program, the client will create a much more comprehensive understanding of their customer service, and will be able to focus specifically on the areas in which they need to improve. Ultimately, Imyst offers a wide variety of services tailored to allow each client to improve their customer satisfaction, and of course further their success in this competitive business world.

Consulting Services

A successful mystery shopping program demands more than just accurate and timely results. To be truly considered a success, a mystery shopping program must improve your business. Our employee incentive programs and consulting services go beyond every other mystery shopping company to actually help you devise and implement changes based on your programís results. With our unrivaled mystery shopping programs and experience, Imyst is the key to helping your company succeed.

Request A Proposal

If you would like to have an Imyst representative contact you or wish to receive a detailed proposal, please fill out a brief form and send us a contact request by clicking here.

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